My wide-ranging portfolio of writing includes both popular and scholarly publications. Many of these works pertain to the themes of grooming and body care, but the majority range widely across both nineteenth-century and modern American history and culture.

The page dedicated to my popular writing features links to my publications in The Atlantic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, TIME, Salon, and The Appendix, as well as The Junto, The Recipes Project, and U.S. Studies Online. The topics of these articles range from Abe Lincoln’s whiskers and Andrew Johnson’s mice to nativist politics and “trigger warnings”; from beards, community colleges, and credit reporting to Beyoncé, Donald Trump, and Samuel F. B. Morse.

The page dedicated to my scholarly writing, meanwhile, features a brief description of an article in Early American Studies on ‘bearded lady’ Josephine Clofullia. It also features links to an article on digital historical resources in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography; book reviews in The Business History Review, The Civil War Book Review, and The Civil War Monitor; and encyclopedia articles in The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia and The Gale College Researcher.