In my role as an educator, I teach in the Department of History and Warrington College of Business Administration at the University of Florida; in the departments of Humanities and Foreign Languages and Social and Behavioral Sciences at Santa Fe College; as well as at Pennsylvania State University’s online World Campus. In these settings, I have taught courses on the American Civil War, American labor history, American cultural history, fashion and body history, and business writing, as well as both halves of the U.S. history survey.


In my role as a course instructor, my student evaluations have consistently been strong, with course quality scores typically in excess of 6.00 (on a scale of 7) and instructor quality scores regularly above 6.50 (on the same scale). And, as a graduate teaching assistant, I was awarded the E-Tu Zen Sun Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Assistant in the Spring of 2011. The award was conferred by the Penn State Department of History.

Digital Pedagogy

Throughout my time as an educator, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to digital pedagogy and online teaching. In addition to my experience with the Penn State World Campus, I have created and curated several digital teaching projects. The most ambitious of these is called Hard Work in Happy Valley. The project’s website features student-made documentaries and podcasts detailing the lives and struggles of workers in the Penn State community. The culmination of my introductory labor history course, the project is designed to give students real-world experience with project management and digital content creation, while putting their work before a broader public audience.